Mixing Email BackendsΒΆ

Since you are replacing Django’s global EMAIL_BACKEND, by default Djrill will handle all outgoing mail, sending everything through Mandrill.

You can use Django mail’s optional connection argument to send some mail through Mandrill and others through a different system.

This could be useful, for example, to deliver customer emails with Mandrill, but send admin emails directly through an SMTP server:

from django.core.mail import send_mail, get_connection

# send_mail connection defaults to the settings EMAIL_BACKEND, which
# we've set to DjrillBackend. This will be sent using Mandrill:
send_mail("Thanks", "We sent your order", "sales@example.com", ["customer@example.com"])

# Get a connection to an SMTP backend, and send using that instead:
smtp_backend = get_connection('django.core.mail.backends.smtp.EmailBackend')
send_mail("Uh-Oh", "Need your attention", "admin@example.com", ["alert@example.com"],

You can supply a different connection to Django’s send_mail() and send_mass_mail() helpers, and in the constructor for an EmailMessage or EmailMultiAlternatives.

(See the django.utils.log.AdminEmailHandler docs for more information on Django’s admin error logging.)