Djrill: Mandrill Transactional Email for Django

Version 2.1.0

Djrill integrates the Mandrill transactional email service into Django.


As of April, 2016, Djrill is no longer actively maintained (other than security updates). It is likely to keep working unless/until Mandrill changes their APIs, but Djrill will not be updated for newer Django versions or Mandrill changes. (more info)

You may be interested in django-anymail, a Djrill fork that supports Mailgun, Postmark, SendGrid, and other transactional ESPs (including limited support for Mandrill).

In general, Djrill “just works” with Django’s built-in django.core.mail package. It includes:

  • Support for HTML, attachments, extra headers, and other features of Django’s built-in email
  • Mandrill-specific extensions like tags, metadata, tracking, and MailChimp templates
  • Optional support for Mandrill inbound email and other webhook notifications, via Django signals

Djrill is released under the BSD license. It is tested against Django 1.4–1.9 (including Python 3 with Django 1.6+, and PyPy support with Django 1.5+). Djrill uses semantic versioning.


Thanks to the MailChimp team for asking us to build this nifty little app, and to all of Djrill’s contributors. Oh, and, of course, Kenneth Reitz for the awesome requests library.