Djrill: Mandrill Transactional Email for Django

Version 0.9.0

Djrill integrates the Mandrill transactional email service into Django.

In general, Djrill “just works” with Django’s built-in django.core.mail package. It includes:

  • Support for HTML, attachments, extra headers, and other features of Django’s built-in email
  • Mandrill-specific extensions like tags, metadata, tracking, and MailChimp templates
  • Optional support for Mandrill inbound email and other webhook notifications, via Django signals
  • An optional Django admin interface

Djrill is released under the BSD license. It is tested against Django 1.3—1.6 (including Python 3 support with Django 1.5+).


Thanks to the MailChimp team for asking us to build this nifty little app, and to all of Djrill’s contributors. Also thanks to James Socol on Github for his django-adminplus library that got us off on the right foot for the custom admin views. Oh, and, of course, Kenneth Reitz for the awesome requests library.